Helping Cancer Patients
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Acupuncture can help patient with cancer but makes no claim that needles can be used directly to
treat cancer. While variety of cancer therapies including chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy and
surgeries are available to target cancer, acupuncture can be a valuable therapy to support the
cancer treatment. There are at least four areas that acupuncture can help: 1) reducing the side effect
of chemotherapy or radiation, 2) relieving the stress and anxiety and elevating the low mood, 3)
helping cancer related pain especially local pain due to tumor progression, 4) improving the immune
system, helping fatigue and appetite. Overall, a comprehensive supportive therapy of acupuncture
should be beneficial to patients in fighting against cancer.

Indications for patients in receiving cancer treatment:

Nausea and vomiting
Loss of appetites
Taste or smell change
Radiation induced dry mouth (xerostomia)
Radiation induced swallowing difficulty (dysphagia)
Chemo induced peripheral neuropathy (feet and hands)
Post-surgical (thoracotomy) pain.
Scar tissue related pain due to surgery

Local tumor related pain and inflammation

Fatigue and low immunity

Stress and anxiety
Low mood