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Indications for Acupuncture
Symptoms and Diseases
Followings are the comprehensive list of acupuncture indications. However,
acupuncture therapy is not limited to these conditions. Indications for
acupuncture is of a wide spectrum of clinic symptoms and diseases. Moreover,
Many studies have been on-going to expand acupuncture indications. Please
consult Dr. Peng for details.
Acute and chronic low back pain (LBP) including muscle
spasms,disc herniation etc.
Sciatic pain
Migraine and other headaches
Temporamandibular joint (TMJ) pain & dysfunction
Neck / shoulder pain
Shoulder injury (frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis)
Myofascial pain
Knee joint pain and knee injury
Hip joint pain including trochanteric bursitis
Tennis elbow
Golf elbow
Arthritic joint pains including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Thumb pain (CMC joint pain)
Ankle sprain
Peripheral neuropathy
Post-herpetic neuralgia

Menstrual pain (Dysmenorrhea)
Premenstrual syndrome
Menopausal symptoms (Hot flash and night sweat)

Nausea / vomiting including chemotherapy induced
Stress / anxiety including panic attack
Moderate to severe depression
Gastroparesis (abdominal bloating)
Fatigue & weakness
Irritable bowl syndrome
Acute & chronic diarrhea
Asthma and related breathing difficulty
Urinary incontinence
Rentention of urine

Stroke rehabilitation
Hemiplegia / paraplegia
Bell's Palsy
Facial twiching
Essential tremor

Obesity (Weight loss)
Maintaining general well-being
Acupuncture reduces tremor
Essential Tremor: It usually is a
fine tremor that occurs when a
person tries to use his or her
hands (for example, holding a
coffee cup). A group of
acupuncture points can
effectively reduce the essential
tremor. And moreover, the
symptoms could improved in a
short time of treatment.
Parkinson's tremor: It is a type of
resting tremor that happens in
patients with Parkinson's
disease. A severe tremor leads
to loss of function. Acupuncture
reduces tremor and can also
restore the hand function.

Acupuncture helps male sexual
Erectile dysfunction (ED)
happens in large number of
male, especially common in
aged individuals. Acupuncture
has long known to correct ED. In
contrast to medication, it dose
not have drug's adverse effects.

Reducing hot flash
Hot flash and night sweats are
major symptoms of menopausal
syndrome. Hot flash can stay for
years, affecting sleep and daily
life. Hot flash is also common in
prostate cancer patients
receiving treatment. Acupuncture
can reduce both frequency and
intensity of hot flash, therefore,
improving the quality of life.