Acupuncture for Restless Leg Syndrome
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An urge to move your leg when you rest, an involuntarily leg move when you tend to sleep or
waking up by leg move are called restless leg syndrome (RLS). It is usually a chronic condition that
could last for decades or life-long. While it can happen to younger age, it usually is the problem
with 40 years or older people. It was estimated 7-10% of population could more or less have RLS.
Repeated presence of these uncontrolled leg movement affected people’s daily rest and sleep.

Mechanism of RLS is only partially known. Low iron, dopamine deficiency, kidney disease,
neuropathy and others may be the cause. At the core of this is involuntary control, it has been
suggested brain’s movement center basal ganglia and cerebellum may be involved. Multiple drugs
have been shown to provide helps on RLS. It requires long term use of the medications in order to
control the symptoms.

Acupuncture represents another aspect of the treatment. Selection of acupuncture points follows
traditional Chinese medicine and emphasizes the movement control of legs. Most of patients who
tried acupuncture result in improvement on RLS although not everyone is effective. A course of
treatment (8 sessions) usually is sufficient to show the benefit.