Acupuncture for Peripheral Neuropathy
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Pain, tingling, numbness and burning sensation in feet or hands are classic signs of peripheral
neuropathy. When a nerve was damaged or pressured, unhappy nerves start to random fire at the
peripheral nerve terminal, resulting intense symptoms like tingling, severe burning or shooting pain.
Consistent unhealthy nerve leads to chronic numbness and eventually lost of functions of nerves.

There are numerous reasons to cause the peripheral neuropathy. Diabetes is one of the
commonest. Genetic defect such as Charcol-Marie-Tooth syndrome, toxic drugs (used in
chemotherapy), Vitamin deficiency (B12) and lower back problem are all capable to cause the
peripheral neuropathy. Moreover, there are many neuropathic symptoms without clear causes.

Most of peripheral neuropathy is chronic. It takes long time to develop and it also takes long time to
treat. Several drugs including antiepileptic drugs are available for it. These drugs can reduce
mainly the pain by suppressing nerve fires.

Often, when tingling, burning and shooting pain are not controlled by medications or medications
had too much adverse effect, patients will come to see acupuncturist. In acupuncture needles are
applied on points at hands or feet. The improvement on neuropathy often depends on the severity
of the conditions. Among the most significant change are stopping the shoot pain, tingling and
burning. Consistent treatment could also resume the lost sensation of the peripheral nerves.
Acupuncture aims to reduce the intensity of symptoms over time. It is likely a better choices
compared to existing drug therapy.