Allergy, rhinitis and hay fever
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Running nose, sneeze, staffing nose and post-nasal drip are some of symptoms of allergy that
happens seasonally, annually or chronically. Most of cases are due to notable allergen such as
pollen and some cases are unknown. Allergy is more properly called allergic rhinitis. It is also called
hay fever (not true fever). The core of disease happens in the nasal mucous where pollen bound
antibody IgE triggers mast cells to release histamine and other compounds to cause inflammation.
Besides nasal symptoms, patients could also experience coughs, short of breath (asthma),
watering eye (allergic conjunctivitis) and itchiness of skin (atopic dermatitis/eczema).

There are medications aimed at temporary relief of these allergic symptoms. Long term relief or
minimize the disease is a difficult task. Acupuncture presents itself as an alternative for both
symptoms relief in longer duration. A comprehensive treatment involves at least 3 groups of
acupuncture points, 1) reduce nasal symptoms, 2) inhibit inflammation, 3) reduce the allergic
response. If breathing difficulty or asthma are present, acupuncture points will be used to open
airway. If skin rashes and itching are present, there are points specifically address these problems.

Like medication, acupuncture is useful option to treat allergy.