Acupuncture for Migraine
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A 50 years male comes to acupuncture office. He is suffering migraine attack, feeling throbbing pain on
one side of head and holding his head with hand. After 30minutes acupuncture, his headache is timely
resolved. He happily walked out and went on to attend his prescheduled meeting.

Migraine is the most common form of headaches. For many people, migraine could affect their live for
many decades. Of 300 millions of Americans, about 28 millions suffer the migraine. More female
(12-14%) than male (6-8%) in population has the disease. Migraine occurs at young to middle age
(22-55yr old). When people get older, migraine often become less frequent.

Migraine presents throbbing pain, sharp pain usually on one side of head. The pain can be
accompanied with nausea. The migraine lasts hours to days when it happens. Light and sound could
make the pain a lot of worse or as a precursor for some people. Migraine could happen on a monthly
basis although some people have it weekly. For female, the occurrence of migraine could be tied with
menstrual cycles.There are many so-called migraine triggers that may contribute to the headache.
Some of those are stress, estrogen level change, weather, odor and food including caffeine, chocolate,
and alcohol. In treatment of migraine there are a number of anti-migraine drugs that used to reduce the
pain when migraine occurs.

Acupuncture has been used to treat migraine for many decades. Applying the needles could reduce the
pain instantly, making it a handy method to rescue people from severe pain. However, the real strength
of acupuncture is at preventing migraine from happening. Acupuncture is an effective tool to reduce
frequency of the migraine. A course of acupuncture treatment can cut the migraine incidence
significantly down over a period of times. As it showed in studies, acupuncture reduces both frequency
and intensity of migraine. Therefore, migraine is one of the common reasons for people to visit
acupuncture office. The goal of acupuncture is to cut both frequency and intensity of migraine by half
through a course of treatment.