Payment Information
First visit includes office consultation, primary examination of
Traditional Chinese Medicine, and acupuncture treatment.

The fee for second and thereafter treatment include all necessary
treatment including acupuncture, electric acupuncture, and far
infrared light treatment .

The fee is determined based on the average charge of
acupuncture clinics in metro Washington area.
Our office accepts insurances. We are participates CareFirst
BlueCross BlueShield Network. Because insurance program
covering acupuncture vary significantly, it is best to call your
insurance company to assure the coverage before you come to
the clinic. If you are covered for acupuncture treatment, we are
responsible to bill your insurance company. Usually, there is a
co-payment for each visit

We also accept cash, check and credit card payment.

VISA and MASTER cards are accepted.
 Acupuncture & Natural Medicine                             Dr. Peng in Bethesda, Maryland