Gang Peng cMD, Ph.D., L. Ac.

Dr. Peng is an acupuncturist and researcher. He is
principal at Acupuncture & Natural Medicine.
He is a graduate of Beijing University of (Traditional) Chinese
Medicine (M.B. or cMD) in Beijing, China and Wayne State
University (Ph.D.) in Detroit, Michigan. He is a well-trained
acupuncturist and immunologist.

In addition to his own practice, he is also a member
(acupuncturist) of Pain and Palliative Care Service (PPCS)
at the clinical center of National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, Maryland) since

Dr. Peng also has long-term interests in medical research. He was a research fellow at National
Institutes of Health. He conducted researches on inflammatory and infectious diseases including
HIV/AIDS. Of his researches, he contributed to the establishment of a new potential anti-HIV
mechanism (interferon and APOBEC).
Dr. Peng's approach for acupuncture

Dr. Peng's practice is rooted from Traditional Chinese Medicine. He conducts diagnosis and
therapeutic design based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Peng emphasizes the concept of personalized medicine. Each individual has his or her own
(physical) condition that contributes to the presenting symptoms or diseases. In Traditional Chinese
Medicine, it is important to consider individual overall condition in addition to focus the local problem
when it comes to therapeutic design. It is this combined local and overall body-based approach
delivers the most effective treatment.,

Dr. Peng follows closely current advance in basic and clinic research including acupuncture and other
medical development. He informs his patients with update medical progress and incorporates useful
information into his acupuncture practice.
 Acupuncture & Natural Medicine                             Dr. Peng in Bethesda, Maryland