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Common indications for

Symptoms of the pain low
back pain, knee pain, neck and
shoulder pain and migraine,
Occipital neuralgia, tennis elbow..
Neurological diseases
Urinary incontinence, frequent
urination,. restless leg syndrome,
persistent nausea, muscle
twitching, heavy legs, peripheral
neuropathy, multipple sclerosis.
Inflammatory diseases
Arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome,
IBS, Plantar fasciitis,
Chronic sinusitis,
Hip joint pain/bursitis..
Gang Peng cMD, Ph.D., L.

Dr. Peng practices acupuncture in
Bethesda and Rockville, Maryland.
He is also an acupuncturist at
National Institutes of Health. He
graduated from Beijing University of
Traditional Chinese Medicine
(Bachelor of Medicine 1982) in
Beijing, China and Wayne State
University (Ph.D 1992.)
in Detroit, Michigan.

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How Acupuncture Works

The needles are inserted to the
acupuncture points that are  
located on 14 meridian lines
throughout the body, According to
Chinese medicine, the needles
stimulate the movement of  "Qi"-a
conceptual energy substance to
reduce the pain and balance body
functions. In modern term,
acupuncture acts on immune
system to reduce inflammation and
acts on brain / nerve system to
reduce the pain, stress, anxiety,
and to relief other

More on how
needle works
History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is about 2000
years old. The earliest evidence of
meridians was dated 168BC. The
book, Huang Di Nei Jing
(Lingshu), described the basic
forms of acupuncture. Zhen Jiu
Jia Yi Jing (282 AD) documented
14 meridians and 349
acupuncture points. Current
acupuncture practice is mostly
ancient theories
and modern clinic

More on history
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The office is located in
Bethesda and Rockville

Wildwood medical center
10401 Old Georgetown Rd Ste 406
Bethesda, MD 20814

2401 Research Blvd. Ste 380
Rockville, MD 20850

For appointment, please call
301 340 8444.

Dr. Peng's office
Acupuncture procedure

Acupuncturist applies the hair-thin
needles on acupuncture points
of the skin. This procedure is
mostly pain free. It is performed
under a relaxed environment. The
needles is required to stay inserted
for 30-45 minutes. The whole
procedure usually takes about
45-60 minutes. In the typical
treatment, 6-8 treatments, once or
twice a week, is usually required.

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Low Back Pain
Low back pain / sciatica
is the most common
reason to do acupuncture.
Disc bulging, herniation,
arthritis, and spinal
stenosis are indicated.

Parkinson's disease
Acupuncture provides
assistant to reduce
symptoms of Parkinson's
diseases including muscle
rigidity, tremor, walking
difficulty and swallowing

. Acupuncture is
effective  to relief staffing
nose /post-nasal drip. It
also opens the airways to
improve the breathing
and to reduce coughs..

Acupuncture relieves or
reduces migraine
quickly. A course
treatment can reduces
pain in both intensity and

Hot flashes
Hot flashes and night
sweats are two major
symptoms menopausal
syndrome. A course of
acupuncture can reliably
reduce hot flashes / night
sweats in both frequency
and intensity.
Restless leg syndrome
Restless leg syndrome is a
spontaneous leg
movement happens before
and during the sleep. It
prevents one going into
sleep and affects the
quality of sleep.
Acupuncture reduces the
spontanous leg mvoemet.

Peripheral neuropathy
Tingling, numbness and
burning sensation are
major symptoms of
hand/feet neuropathy. It
can be caused by various
reasons. Acupuncture is
one of the good option for
this chronic disease.

Tinnitus/hearing loss
Tinnitus often with the
hearing loss is common
and yet difficult to treat.
Acupuncture is one of best
options to reduce tinnitus
and improve the hearing.
Acupuncture is also an
useful tool for acute
hearing loss.